Sheila Katherine Thompson

Sheila Thompson was born in 1972 in Oxford (United Kingdom), where she spent her entire childhood. She obtained a degree in English Language and Literature in 1994 at the University of Leeds (United Kingdom). She has had a passion for teaching ever since she was little. Thus, after working as an English teacher in Singapore, she arrived in the Basque Country where she began her teaching career in Spain. From 2010 onwards, she has established herself as a teacher in a prestigious school in Seville where she has held many different positions. She has been the Head of Primary, The Head of Foreign Languages, Head of Studies and finally a member of the directorial staff. Sheila is a specialist in school management and also has a master’s degree in Teaching English as a foreign language. After obtaining her master’s, she gained the IB Teaching Diploma, with the objective of being able to teach at every key learning stage. She now gives classes at a secondary, Spanish baccalaureate and IB level.